The vision of the Fika Cafe is truly compelling.
Every detail of the unique experience has been beautifully executed. Seat hierarchies, ambient mood lighting and suspended water-coloured paintings give the space a striking and disruptive presence. 

The menu is even more striking. With a selection of pan-ethnic dishes influenced by African and French cooking traditions all combining to deliver a unique tasteful moment. 

The cafe has a familiar minimal architecture that exudes simplicity. Linear sitting options, a 3 level colour palette combined with repetitive elements and exceptional music for ambiance create an environment which is both calm and sophisticated. 

Whether South American, Caribbean, Mediterranean or
African-American, the menu items will have an identifiable African origin and influence.

The name FIKA is derived from the Swedish word for coffee break. It also means to arrive in Swahili which depicts comfort and rest.

Scope: Concept Design and Visualization
Kiambu rd - Nairobi, Kenya
Project Type: Hospitality and interiors
Status: Archived
Uniform: Carbnstudio & MXM Africa
Year: 2017