Choose what tier is right for you.

Our frequent visualization service now has three rendering tiers for individuals, starting with Blue and progressing through Silver to Gold.

Carbnstudio Blue


For first time clients in need of a quick render at a budget.

Carbnstudio Silver


For starting professionals running personal projects.

Carbnstudio Gold


For the people looking to gain an edge from the rest of the competition.

Explore your Tier Benefits

Each new tier brings you benefits that increase in value, depending on your budget such as image revisions, free consultation and wait list priorities. Repeating clients will be considered members and given wait-list priority even at the Individual Blue tier.

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Carbnstudio Individual Blue
Special attention to preferences ensure very clean images.

Carbn benefits:

  • First image free
  • High definition images
  • Discounted rates after 3 or more images.
  • Discounted rates for you and any new member you recommend.

Carbnstudio Restaurant archviz nairobi.jpg

Carbnstudio Individual Silver
It's at silver level that feels like an upgrade.

Carbn benefits:
All benefits of Blue plus:

  • Free consultation.
  • 1 revision.
  • Waitlist priority.


Carbnstudio Individual Gold
Executive deluxe services for individuals.

Carbn benefits:
All benefits of Blue and silver plus:

  • Design consultancy.
  • 3 revisions.
  • Access to night images in the render.

Quality of the image is dependent on the form of the concept, however we deliver accurate image definition on all tiers.
Image delivery may take upto 3 days.