Carbnstudio’s leadership is responsible for directing the company and its projects, ensuring the company’s philosophy is at the core of everything done. Meet our Leadership →

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Kevin Munala
B. Arch[Hons], B.Architectural studies[Hons]

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Aden Kumary
B. Arch[Hons], B.Architectural studies[Hons], MAAK

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Begin to imagine

Anything imagined is possible, especially if we can see it. This is the founding idea that drives the growth of Carbn and its stakeholders. The ‘Begin to imagine’ philosophy follows 4 years of visualization success and inspires the company and its clients to think of exciting new ways to communicate visually. By leveraging the power of computer graphics combined with story, Carbnstudio continues to delight clients one frame at a time honoring each designer and every piece of work helped bring to sight.

About the company

Carbnstudio Limited, a visionary arm of Carbn Group is a computer graphics production service in Nairobi, Kenya offering highly engaging visualization services for the construction industry in Nairobi and a few parts of the larger world. The services offered range from Individual Rendering, Corporate Rendering and Visualization consultancy for both people and companies. These solutions equip clients with imagery for concepts they have worked hard to realize. By working closely with clients, the company continues to help bring new ideas to market.